Coffee Coffee Break Cup Drink  - suju / Pixabay
suju / Pixabay

Inspired by magic, European coffee shops, and Jen’s Joe, this little coffee shop packs a lot of heart. We will slowly but surely get our kinks worked out while we are in our soft open. It’s true, we are coffee closet retrofitted into a staircase….just like you know who.

You can find us inside E. Claire Beauty and Wellness Collaborative in the heart of Carbondale, IL. Serving general espresso drinks, italian (cream) sodas, shrubs, and switzels. What is a shrub or switzel? Made by pouring vinegar over fruits as a way of preserving them. The syrupy infusion resulting from this process could then be used in cocktails or poured over soda as a soft drink. A switzel can also be a switchel. Used as a medicinal beverage in the 19th century, this zingy, thirst-quencher is vinegar mixed traditionally with water, molasses and ginger.

Currently, all drinks will be in to-go containers. We have a quaint seating area for 3 or 4 people at a time. It has it’s own entrance on the 13 side of the building with 3 parking spaces directly in front of the door.